Madelyn Beamer

- Level 1: 4th place at the Provincial Championships 1987, 1st place in group
- Level 2: 2nd overall (1st in clubs) at the Provincial Championships 1988
- Level 3: first overall and in ribbon and hoop, 2nd in rope, at the Ontario Winter Games 1989
- Level 5 Junior: 5th all around. First international competition: New York at the "Big Apple Meet" 1990
- Level 6 Senior: 6 gold medals (overall and in all four apparatus plus group) at the Provincial Championships 1991
- Level 6 Senior: 2nd overall and in ball, 1st in clubs and rope, at the National Championships 1991
- 1st All-Around at Coast-to-Coast 1991
- 3rd in group at the Pan-American Games in Cuba 1991
- 14th in group at the World Championships in Athens, Greece 1991
- 1st overall at the National Championships 1992
- International meet in Romania 1992

Nationals 1991
Nationals 1991
Nationals 1991
Provincials 1991
The Canadian Senior Group 1991, with Madelyn Beamer,
before going to the World Championships in Athens, Greece,
where they placed 14th.

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